Heading for a Split? Choices to Make Now for Your Kids: Tips from Your Divorce Lawyer in Bossier City

From the moment you and your spouse contemplate divorce, you both have the power to make the emotionally difficult parting a more positive one. There are too many decisions to be made to split assets and precious possessions. Who will get the house? Who will get the cars? How you will divide time looking after the children? Each one is a deep and valid question that deserves serious thought. While you may think your journey as a couple is over, in actuality, it is just morphing into another stage of shared decision-making.

Use this time to attend to the details that make the next few days, months, and years a little smoother. A trusted divorce lawyer in Bossier City can help with the following steps in this new phase of life. David L. White knows this process is emotionally challenging and is ready to guide you through the proceedings with compassion.

4 Suggestions to Make Your Divorce Easier on the Kids

Working together with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is challenging. It is easy to let disagreements and personal grievances come in the way. Consider these suggestions to make this difficult transition easier:

  • Your kids come first: You will spend the next several years talking with your ex about visitation rights, their extracurricular activities, and weekend responsibilities regarding the children. Make it less volatile and more peaceful by keeping the little ones at the center of your plans. You are entering a new dance, so make it a waltz instead of a mosh pit!
  • Money should not define everything: Material objects have their value but that pales before the value you place on good relationships. Try to go beyond the little things. It is tough for the kids if you are bickering over money and possessions. Work together to make sure they don’t feel secondary to the division of assets.
  • Co-parenting takes mutual work: Your kids did not want you to part ways; you and your spouse did. They need their parents to keep working together for their sake. Work with your ex to ensure that you show a united front. If you need to vent about a slight from your former spouse, avoid doing it in front of the kids.
  • Attitude is everything: Going through this process is not easy on anyone. The emotions and frustrations that creep up will come between you two for a while. Make a concerted effort not to use your kids as a sounding board for all your anger. Get a support network that does not include your children.

Work with a Trusted Divorce Lawyer in Bossier City, Louisiana

Working through legal proceedings effectively and positively is achievable when you and your spouse choose to work together. Talk to David L. White so you can get past the emotionally exhausting part and on to a fair settlement. The seasoned professionals at our law practice will provide you with the representation you need.

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