How to Choose the Right Law Firm in Bossier City, Louisiana

Finding the right attorney to assist you with your legal needs should not be left to chance. In fact, the best time to find a lawyer is before you need one. No one wants to be left scrambling for help in the middle of a crisis. Being prepared can help you avoid having the ‘wrong’ type of firm represent you. For example, if you are facing criminal charges and possible jail time, you don’t want to be stuck with an attorney proficient in real estate law!

Experience is paramount to your case when the stakes are high. Whether you need representation for criminal charges, help with drawing a will, or getting the child visitation rights you deserve, David L. White has the knowledge and experience you seek. He understands the Louisiana judicial system and fights hard for those he serves. He is compassionate and understanding while making sure your legal needs are met.

Tips for Finding (and Hiring) the Best Law Firm for You

Avoid getting caught in a bind. Research lawyers now and save yourself headache and stress with these tips:

  • Interview Candidates: Discuss your needs with the attorney. Ask different questions about their experience, success track record, any special certificates or skills, and how billing works. Don’t be afraid to ask for client references. Remember this is about how the two of you interact. Is this someone you can be comfortable working with? Are your calls returned on time?
  • Pay Attention to the Help: Not only will you be working with one lawyer, but you will also be in contact with other staff members. Are they pleasant? Do they seem concerned about listening to your needs?
  • Check Out their Standing: In order to practice law in Louisana, a firm and its lawyers must be approved by the Louisiana Bar Association. You can go to the website of Louisiana’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel and make sure they are in good standing. You can also check out their reputation by looking at their Martindale-Hubble rating.
  • Remember: Size Does Not Matter: If you think a large law firm means a better one, think again. Larger firms require many more cases to keep the lights on, and often you can get left behind in the shuffle of case batching. Experience is gained in the courtroom and across the negotiating table, not in the number of paralegals they can afford.
  • Ask if they Partner Up: Sometimes, even the best professionals need help. Ask if your prospective firm engages with other lawyers to strengthen a client’s legal team. It may help to have the perspective of a specialist for your case.

Talk with an Experienced Law Firm in Bossier City, Louisiana

Find the best representation now before you need it later. Talk with David L. White to learn how he and his team can help you. The seasoned professionals at our practice are happy to work with you and provide the representation and support you are looking for.

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