Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer Instead of Risking D-I-Y

– Experienced Attorney in Bossier City, Louisiana Weighs In

Even though statistics indicate that divorce is common, it does not make the process any easier. The relationship between spouses is a strong bond based on building a life together that is suppose to last “until death do you part.” Unfortunately, that is not the case for many couples. If you are in the position of a failed marriage, your spouse may suggest saving money by trying the DIY approach. This is a time of extreme vulnerability, and it would be easy to overlook your rights as a spouse, parent, and individual.

DIY-ing may be fun for redecorating a bedroom, but it can cause a severe detriment to your legal rights. Get a quick and fair settlement by working with an established Bossier City, Louisiana divorce lawyer like David L. White. Avoid the additional emotional turmoil over child support, visitation, custody, community property, and spousal support.

Save Your Legal Rights During Divorce

Often people site the expense that goes with utilizing the services of an attorney. What they may not think of is the specialized training undergone in the legal profession. These men and women spend years learning the legal system. They understand the law and its application to their clients. Consider these reasons to hire a lawyer for your divorce:

  • Understands the Law Process – There is more to filing forms than cutting and pasting items from one document to another. Certain forms need to be filed at the right time, including determining which one of the three divorce petitions you qualify under. There are specific rules that need to be followed. Failure to do so can hamper the divorce process or force you to start all over.
  • Your Legal Rights Are Protected – There are many aspects of your combined life to consider. For example, Louisiana is a community property state. That means you and your spouse have an equal interest in all property and debts except for those that are deemed separate by law. You may not realize you have rights to some properties.
  • Ensures Children Are Taken Care of – If children are involved, you will want to make sure that they are adequately taken care of. An attorney can walk you through how the courts view child custody, visitation, and child support.
  • Court Preparation – At some point, you may find that you are sitting in a courtroom answering questions from a judge. This can be intimidating. Your lawyer can prepare you ahead of time on what to expect and the questions you may be asked. Get this part wrong, and you might see your ‘quick’ divorce process lasting a long time.

Obtain a Fair Divorce with the Timely Legal Counsel

Ensure a fair and quick settlement when you enlist the services of David L. White. His years of experience in the courtroom and across the bargaining table can get you through this trying time and onto building a new life.

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