When to Consider Modifying Your Child Support Order—Guidance from Your Divorce Lawyer in Shreveport, Louisiana

When a couple separates or divorces, decisions about how the children should be taken care of and by whom need to be answered. For example, they must determine visitation and financial support. Louisiana’s courts will review agreements that have been premade, but ultimately, they will consider what is in the best interest of the child. This includes any child support arrangements. The goal is to make sure the kids’ needs are met. The court expects the non-custodial parent to regularly make their support payment in order for the custodial parent to care for their minor children. However, like everything else in life, circumstances change, and often without much notice. Being prepared with information is the best way to handle a challenging situation.

If it is difficult to pay your obligation or you feel the non-custodial parent should pay more, it may be time for a modification of the child support order. A trusted divorce lawyer in Shreveport can help make those adjustments. David L. White knows that emotions can run high even if a couple has been divorced for a while. He is compassionate and understanding while making sure your legal needs are met.

Reasons to Modify a Child Support Order

The court will not allow you to make adjustments in the amount paid because of a whim. There needs to be a significant change in circumstances. This is extremely important to remember. With that thought in mind, here are a few reasons a modification may be justified:

  • Decrease in Income: If the payer loses his or her employment and has to take another job that pays a lot less, then the court may allow an adjustment.
  • Increase in Income: Not every pay raise is the same. If the non-custodial parent receives a small raise, the court may not see the need to raise the support obligation. However, if they take a big promotion with a significant pay raise, then the court could rule to increase the obligation.
  • Exceptional Circumstances: Not everything can be planned for. Sometimes life-changing events, whether permanent or temporary, can be a reason for modification. These can be serious health conditions, accidents, disability, bankruptcy, or incarceration.

If you are not confident that you have an acceptable reason for modifying the current support obligation, consult a lawyer. If you are now making much less money than before, avoid getting into legal trouble by failing to pay or making only partial payments, even if your ex agrees. Until the court approves the change, you are still responsible for the full amount.

Consult with an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Shreveport, Louisiana

Modifications are possible, especially with the help of trusted and experienced legal counsel. Consult with David L. White to get the modifications you need to make sure your child is adequately taken care of. The seasoned professionals at our law practice are happy to work with you and will provide you with the representation and help you are looking for.

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