When Should I Retain an Attorney? Advice from a Trusted Bossier City Law Firm

You have probably heard the phrase “you will be hearing from my attorney!” in movies. Have you ever wondered how so many people could afford to keep a lawyer at their beck and call? It may be because they have paid a retainer fee. Sometimes it makes sense to have an ace in your back pocket.

Having an attorney on retainer is not just meant for the rich and famous. Whenever you prepay for legal services, you have engaged the lawyer on a retainer. Businesses can benefit from having trusted legal counsel available to help them with different matters of the law. David L. White has the extensive experience to assist business clients with day-to-day legal queries and corporate litigation.

Benefits of Retaining a Bossier City Law Firm

When you are in business, your goal is to serve your customers and clients with your products and services. There are times when things may not go as planned and you need to enlist legal services. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and keeping an attorney on retainer can help prevent potential problems down the road. Consider these benefits to determine if it makes good business sense for you.

  • Definition of Retainer vs. Pre-Paid: When you place a retainer fee in escrow with a lawyer, you are putting a deposit down for future legal services. As your legal fees add up, this money is used to pay the attorney. Pre-paid legal fees are a slight variation in which you have access to a pool of lawyers for specific tasks but not necessarily handle more significant or complex legal issues.
  • Pay for Peace of Mind: It is easier to prevent trouble before it begins. For example, if you are sued for discrimination, you are stuck with a reactive, defensive position instead of a proactive, offensive position. When you want to make changes to your employee handbook, having a lawyer review the changes beforehand could save you from a discrimination suit later.
  • They Know Your Business: When something pops up unexpectedly, your lawyer already knows your business and can jump in quickly to help.
  • Access to Other Experts: As you build a relationship with the firm, they may notice you could benefit from the expertise of specialized technical knowledge, like tax issues. They have access to resources that can help you run a tight ship more efficiently.
  • You Have a Legal Budget: Knowing fixed costs can help ease the burden of bookkeeping. When you pay a monthly retainer fee, you know what to expect to pay. There are no hidden surprises for routine work.

Work with a Trusted Bossier City, Louisiana, Law Firm

Working with a trusted attorney is just one step towards staying successful in business. Contact David L. White to discuss your company and its legal needs. His experience in corporate law is just what you need when buying or selling a business, issues with breach of contract, and even debt collection. The seasoned professionals at our law practice will provide you with the representation you deserve.

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