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How to Survive a Motorcycle Crash: Suggestions from Your Bossier City Lawyer

One of the joys for motorcycle enthusiasts is cruising through gentle curves and twists of the open road. With carefree fun comes the immense responsibility to remain safe. Bikers know that going for a ride has its dangers. If you enjoy heading out on your cruiser, there are ways to increase your safety and limit the scope of accidental injuries.

The obvious first steps are to wear the appropriate safety gear, such as an approved helmet, boots, and leather gear. In addition to these, you can increase your chances of surviving severe injury with a few additional measures. If you do face an unfortunate accident, you will need the services of a personal injury lawyer in Bossier City like David L. White to ensure you get the care and compensation you deserve.

Tips for Surviving a Motorcycle Crash

No matter how much time you have spent on your bike, safety should always be paramount. Keep these strategies in mind.

  • Avoiding a Collision
    • Cars have blind spots, and many drivers just do not pay close enough attention. Make sure you avoid the spot where you cannot be seen.
    • Always be on the lookout for road hazards like oil spills, dead animals, and loose gravel.
    • Before entering a turn, apply the brakes gently to slow down. To keep your balance, accelerate or coast through the rest of the corner.
    • While driving, ride with your tires in line with the outer tire of the car ahead of you. If they need to swerve to miss debris, you stand a better chance of avoiding it, too.
  • Surviving a Crash While it is Happening
    • If you find yourself in the position where an accident is inevitable, slow your speed and lay the bike down. This helps you to be as far away from any moving projectiles as possible, especially when you are trying to avoid oncoming traffic.
    • Release your grip on your bike or push it away from you.
    • Avoid stiffening your limbs before impact. Instead, take a lesson from Hollywood stuntmen who learn to relax during stunts to minimize the possibility of broken bones.
    • Once you have come to a stop on the ground or road, try to stay immobile until help arrives. This will help you avoid worsening your injuries.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Bossier City, Louisiana

If you have survived a motorcycle accident, you are very lucky. However, don’t rest easy just yet because there are some important steps to take. In the days following the incident, the medical bills can quickly add up. Additionally, you may be out of work for an extended period of time. When you work with David L. White, you can rest assured that a seasoned professional is on your side while you heal. The team at our law practice will provide you with the counsel and representation you need.

Contact your lawyer in Bossier City, Louisiana today to ensure you and your family can recover from an accident with the right support and compensation. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Understanding Estate Planning Basics in Louisiana

– Guidance from Your Probate Lawyer in Bossier City

Planning the equitable distribution of your legacy for your loved ones is the responsible thing to do in your lifetime. No one wants the courts to decide who gets your goods and chattels when you pass. All states have various laws on the books dictating how your estate can be settled. Some of the strictest probate laws in the country belong to the Bayou state.

As you determine how you would like your benefaction settled, it is vital that you consider how Louisiana’s laws will affect your heirs. An established probate lawyer in Bossier City can help you navigate the complex requirements of Louisiana’s legal system.

Expert Advice on Estate Planning Basics in Louisiana

Louisiana uses the term “succession” instead of “probate.” Either term means the process of settling a decedent’s estate by looking at assets, property, taxes, and any claims or liens. Avoid leaving your heirs’ future to a third-party. Here are some essentials to help you understand how succession works.

  • Dying without a Will (Intestate)

    When a person dies without a will, the courts decide who will inherit the deceased’s possessions. What they will look at is whether the assets were held in community or separately and the types of relationships the survivors have with the deceased.

    Separate assets include any property owned prior to a marriage, inherited, or given to a spouse. If you die without a will, your spouse will not inherit any separate assets from you. Instead, they will go to your children or other blood relatives.

    Community property is that which is acquired during marriage or given to a couple at their wedding. When an individual dies, the spouse maintains his or her half of the inheritance, and any children would get the deceased’s half.

  • Dying with a Will (Testate)

    Having a will gives you much more control over your wishes when you pass. For instance, if you want to leave your assets to your second husband because you have not spoken to the daughter from your first marriage in 15 years, you can specify that.

    There are a couple of caveats to remember. If there are any forced heirs, they take precedence. A ‘forced heir’ is your child who is under the age of 24 or is permanently disabled no matter their age.

  • Assets Not Included in Succession

    Not every possession is part of your succession plan in Louisiana. The following items are not included:

    • Bank accounts set up as “payable on death”
    • Property held in living trusts
    • IRA or 401(k) funds
    • Proceeds from life insurance
    • Property held in joint tenancy
    • Property with beneficiary designations

Work with an Experienced Probate Lawyer in Bossier City, Louisiana

Leaving the world without clearly establishing your wishes can leave your family in a bind. When you work with David L. White, you can secure the future of your loved ones. The seasoned professionals at our law practice will provide you with the counsel and representation you need.

Contact your attorney in Bossier City, Louisiana today to ensure your wishes are honored after death and your heirs receive their inheritance the way you intended it. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Contemplating a Prenuptial Agreement?

– Guidance from a Leading Divorce Lawyer in Bossier City

No one wants their upcoming marriage to end in divorce. However, statistics indicate that the chances of divorce are high. For both parties, protecting your assets with a prenuptial agreement is one way to ease the tension that is created during a divorce. The stigma from such contracts has faded in recent years as many view a prenup as a reasonable precaution. Besides alleviating anxieties that happen during the dissolution of a marriage, some couples find the process of creating their agreement an effective way to communicate.

Understanding how a Louisiana prenuptial agreement works requires experienced help. In Bossier City, David L. White can give you the advice you need to protect your assets and make sure things stay fair. If your marriage does turn sour and you need a divorce lawyer to help you navigate the murky proceedings confidently, his team can get you the representation you need.

Basics of a Louisiana Prenuptial Agreement

When contemplating an agreement prior to exchanging vows, it is vital to understand what can be covered, what the limits are, and who may benefit from one.

What can be covered?

Choosing the right terms establishes spousal rights over property and finances in the event of death or divorce. They may address quite a few topics, such as:

  • Distributing property when the marriage ends
  • Establishing what property is kept separate and what is shared
  • Responsibility for debts
  • Providing for children from previous relationships
  • Maintaining family property and heirlooms in the family
  • How to treat individual retirement assets and estate plans

Limits to prenups in Louisiana

While a prenup can address a long list of topics in the event of a divorce, there are a few areas that cannot be covered. One example is:

  • Limiting rights to temporary spousal support. You can however limit rights to permanent spousal support

Who may benefit from an agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous. Ordinary folks can benefit from the protection of a prenup contract too. Consider the following circumstances:

  • When either one or both spouses have children from a previous relationship
  • When one of the spouses has higher assets or income potential than the other
  • When one of the spouses brings a significant amount of debt into the marriage
  • When one spouse intends to support the other spouse while they attend college or graduate school
  • When couples marry much later in life and have accumulated a substantial asset base including savings accounts, real estate, stocks, or retirement benefits

Hire a Dedicated Lawyer in Bossier City, Louisiana

Learn more about creating a prenuptial agreement that meets both your needs when you talk to David L. White. He has years of experience providing practical, personalized legal support for his clients.

Contact your lawyer in Bossier City to find out more about establishing a prenuptial agreement that is enforceable in Louisiana. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Protect Your Loved One from Nursing Home Neglect

– Tips from a Leading Personal Injury Attorney in Bossier City

Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is tough. Many families do not come to that choice easily; however, when it is made, you trust that the nursing home will care for your elderly family member. No one wants to discover that the health care facility they entrusted their mother or father with has been neglecting them.

The unfortunate reality is that elderly neglect and abuse does occur. There are ways you can stay on top of the care of your family member and avoid nursing home abuse. If you do suspect neglect or abuse, contact David L. White, to get the representation you and your senior deserve.

Signs of Possible Nursing Home Neglect

Your first defense against nursing home neglect is an educated offense. While not every incident may be related to abuse, here are some signs to be aware of and investigate:

  • Bed sores or bed-related injuries
  • Falls, fractures, or head injuries
  • Fear of speaking around members of facility staff
  • Desiring to be isolated from other residents at the nursing home
  • Rapid weight gain or loss, including malnutrition
  • Unexplained, even sudden, changes in behavior in your senior
  • Infections
  • Injuries or deaths that are unexplained

Tips to Prevent Abuse and Neglect from Nursing Homes

There are several ways you or your beloved senior can prevent nursing home neglect and abuse:

  • Visit Frequently. Make it a point to visit your loved one frequently and at different times of the day, during holidays, weekends, and weekdays. This gives you an opportunity to ensure your senior is being consistently taken care of on a daily basis.
  • If you are the one living in the nursing home, handle your own affairs. It is vital that you keep tabs on your business affairs as much as possible. You can do this by:
    • Managing your own mail
    • Keeping your will up-to-date and reflecting your intentions
    • Attending regular appointments
    • Staying in contact with the outside world
    • Utilizing direct deposit for any government benefits you receive
  • Talk to the staff. If you see signs of abuse, speak with the staff about your concerns. Reach out to the social worker at the facility.
  • Contact the Louisiana Department of Health. The Department of Health has established a complaint number specifically to report suspected abuse.
  • Get an attorney involved. If you voice your concerns and your complaints are not being addressed, it is time to get legal help to protect your senior and you.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Bossier City, Louisiana

Protect yourself or your elderly family member with help from David L. White. He has a strong track record of providing practical, personalized legal support for his clients in Bossier City. The team at our law practice will provide you with trusted representation to handle the most complex legal matters.

Contact your personal injury attorney in Bossier City to find out more about protecting you or your family in the event of abuse or neglect in a Louisiana nursing home. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Hazards of Driving Drunk During the Holiday Season-Guidance from a Leading Criminal Defense Attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana

Enjoying the holidays includes a variety of activities like visiting with family, exchanging gifts, parties, and sometimes indulging in alcohol. Many people take pleasure in raising a glass to bring in the New Year. A dash of rum may warm up a few cups of eggnog. Sipping on a glass of wine or a drinking a beer is part of celebrating the season. However, when you get behind the wheel with even a “buzz,” you are putting many people and yourself at risk.

Make merry this holiday season but take steps to stay safe. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate place of being involved in a collision while driving under the influence, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you.

Tips for Staying Safe During the Holiday Season

No matter who is at fault in a collision, if law enforcement officials suspect alcohol, you may be held accountable. Stay safe and out of jail with these tips:

  • Designate a driver. Designating a driver from your group is the best place to start. The individual who is chosen and accepts this responsibility should refrain from imbibing any alcohol. Consider buying your designated driver a few rounds of their favorite non-alcoholic drink to say thank you!
  • Keep some extra cash for a cab. It costs less to utilize the services of a cab or a ride-share service like Uber than it does to cover the penalties after a DUI. Protect yourself and everyone around you from harm.
  • Let the alcohol metabolize in your system. Keep in mind the one-drink-one-hour principle. When you add food to your alcohol consumption, it takes longer for the alcohol to enter your bloodstream. Be responsible and limit your spirit intake. It is still essential to have a designated driver.
  • Stay sober if you are the host/hostess. If you are hosting a party, refrain from drinking any alcohol, and make yourself available to drive impaired guests home. You do not want to chance being held accountable if a guest drives home drunk and gets into an accident.
  • Avoid drunk driving completely. You may think you know your limitations, but it is easy to get caught up in celebrating and think you can still control a vehicle. Even a slight buzz can cause you issues behind the wheel, such as slowed reflexes or not being able to notice an obstacle in time.

The holiday season is a time for celebrating and enjoying time with family and friends. Avoid the risk, embarrassment, and monetary costs by not getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

Hire a Determined Criminal Defense Attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana

The seasoned professionals at our law practice will provide you with the counsel and representation you need. Get your life back on track with help from David L. White. He has years of experience providing committed, extensive legal support for his clients.

Contact your criminal defense attorney if you have been involved in a collision while under the influence of alcohol in Louisiana. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Selling Your House During a Divorce-Guidance from a Leading Divorce Lawyer in Shreveport

Going through a divorce can be a profoundly emotional experience. Splitting up the family china or family photos brings up memories of happier times. Determining who gets which asset and who is responsible for what debts can strain communication between divorcing spouses. When you add the family home into the mix, emotions are guaranteed to run high.

Navigating Louisiana divorce law requires an experienced attorney. When you contact experienced divorce lawyer in Shreveport, David L. White, you can get the representation you need to protect your assets and make sure things stay fair.

Understand Louisiana’s Community Property Law During a Divorce

Louisiana is a community property state. That means all assets and debts acquired during the length of the marriage are shared equally. It also means that in the event of a divorce, a judge must weigh all relevant factors and make sure that each of you receives property of equal net value.

There are some instances where property may be considered separate if it was owned before the marriage, was inherited, or received as a gift. Your divorce attorney can help you make that assessment.

Selling a Home During a Divorce in Shreveport

The marital home is the house that you and your spouse shared during your marriage. It is essential to keep a few things in mind when preparing to sell your home during a divorce:

  • Take care of yourself. There are a lot of decisions to be made and court dates to attend. With each one, emotions can percolate to the surface and wear you down. You need to be at your best to handle what may come, so try to employ some self-care.
  • Be willing to divorce the house and the mortgage. You may want to keep your home for a variety of reasons. You might view it as the cornerstone of stability for your children. While that may be the case, if neither spouse can afford the mortgage, it is probably a good idea to sell the home.
  • Avoid seeking revenge through sabotage. If this is not an amicable split, you might have thoughts of revenge dancing in your mind. Remember that ruining parts of the house also ruins any profit you could have made from the sale.
  • Find a real estate agent familiar with divorce knowledge. You need to find an agent that is neutral and understands some of the nuances of selling a home during a divorce. They can offer suggestions to help you get the most from the sale.

Selling your marital home during a divorce is a stressful situation. You can lessen the stress when you get the help and advice you need from a trusted divorce lawyer in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Work with a Dedicated Divorce Lawyer in Shreveport, Louisiana

Learn more about how to sell a property during a divorce with help from David L. White. He has years of experience providing practical, personalized legal support for his clients in Shreveport. The legal professionals at our law practice will provide you with reliable, representation for your divorce case.

Contact your divorce lawyer in Shreveport to find out more about handling property division as you finalize your divorce in Louisiana. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Arrested for a Drug Related Crime?

– Get Help from a Leading Criminal Defense Attorney in Bossier City

To sell, distribute, or handle illegal narcotics is a crime. Sometimes you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. What will you do if you find yourself arrested for a drug-related crime that you didn’t commit?

It is entirely understandable to be concerned and worried about what may happen next. You might be worried about losing your freedom. On the other hand, you might think that just because the drugs were not yours, you will be safe. It is important not to take this unfortunate circumstance lightly.

It requires the expertise and skill of a leading criminal defense attorney in Bossier City to help you navigate the complexity of criminal law. Though you might be tempted to represent yourself and claim your innocence, the penal system can be overwhelming. You need a lawyer that fights for you with strong representation. When you contact David L. White, you can get the representation you need to protect your rights.

One wrong step can jeopardize your freedom and the future of your loved ones. Take the time to get the representation you need.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney for a Drug-Related Crime

Popular television shows have taught people a lot about the criminal system. You may have read books on the laws in your state or the criminal justice system and think you can handle being in the courtroom. There is more to the system than what you can get from a book. A good criminal defense attorney understands how to deal with the ever-changing landscape of the law.

Think about this if you are considering representing yourself:

  • The Prosecutor’s Power – Just because you have been charged with a drug crime does not necessarily mean you will be in court for that offense. A prosecutor will look at all charges and may decide to try you for other crimes that could be more or less serious. A book cannot give you insights into the mind of a prosecutor.
  • Pressure from the Community – Even though what you read in a book appears black and white, that is not necessarily the case. Judges want to get re-elected. Prosecutors want to be successful at prosecuting. Police wish their claims to be tried. The public wants the law to be tough on certain crimes. A seasoned defense attorney understands this and knows how to work with due consideration to all aspects of your case, and the environment in which it must be represented.

Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law should not be taken lightly. You need experienced, reliable representation on your side. As a committed attorney, David L. White and his team can help you through the nuances of your case.

Hire an Assertive Criminal Defense Attorney in Bossier City, Louisiana

Don’t face a drug charge on your own. Protect your rights and get the best representation possible. Contact David L. White today. The legal professionals at our law practice will provide you with the representation you need to help you get your life back on track.

Contact your criminal defense lawyer in Bossier City to find out more about suitable and timely representation for drug-related crimes in Louisiana. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Understanding the Difference between Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Advice from Your Estate Planning Attorney in Shreveport

If you are the caregiver for an aging relative or friend, there will come a time when you may have to step in and handle some personal affairs. Whether it is a physical ailment or the difficulties of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, having the right tools in place is imperative to providing the best care for your loved one.

Choosing the correct legal decisions should not be taken lightly. Key options include power of attorney and guardianship. Understanding the difference between the two requires the help of an experienced estate planning attorney. When you contact David L. White and his experienced staff, you get the assistance and representation you need to protect your charge.

Power of Attorney versus Guardianship

A power of attorney functions differently from a guardianship. Here is a basic breakdown of each:

Power of Attorney
A power of attorney is an option that allows an individual to choose an “agent” or “attorney-in-fact” to take over if they become incapacitated. In this case, the court is not involved in determining who the agent is.

Also, a POA can allow broad or limited powers to the agent. For example, you can restrict your agent’s powers to that of a particular time frame or a particular transaction.

Often, a POA is an important estate planning element, rivaling your will, and it is a proactive option.

An interdiction may become necessary if an adult becomes incapable of making decisions on their own. When this happens, the court may step in and choose a decision maker or curator for the ward.

An interdiction allows the curator to make all legal, financial, and health care decisions on behalf of the ward.

Obtaining an interdiction requires the court to appoint an objective third party to investigate and interview parties involved and provide the court with their findings. The court then acts upon the suggestions, and the power to make decisions is removed from the ward and given to the guardian.

Determining the best option for your situation should be under the guidance of your Shreveport estate planning attorney. David White is an established lawyer who can help you navigate the estate planning landscape.

Choose an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney in Shreveport

Deciding if you need a power of attorney or an interdiction does not have to be complicated or expensive. While there are many avenues to consider, you do not have to go it alone. The legal professionals at David L. White’s law practice will provide you with reliable guidance for your estate planning needs.

Call your Shreveport estate planning attorney to find out more about utilizing a power of attorney versus an interdiction in Louisiana. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Understanding Child Custody During Your Divorce

– Guidance from a Leading Divorce Lawyer in Bossier City

Divorcing a spouse is a tough, heartbreaking decision. Gone are the years of happiness and the bond between partners. It is even harder for children who might wonder if they are the reason for their parent’s marital demise. Fighting for custody only heightens the anxiety of your split.

As you and your spouse work on dividing up the silver, consideration for the care of the children must take center stage. You need to determine if the children will reside with both parents part of the time, or if one of you should have sole custody. Louisiana courts will consider the custodial arrangement plan you create. In the event you two cannot agree, the court will decide for you.

Navigating the Louisiana family law requires an experienced attorney. When you contact experienced divorce lawyer David L. White in Bossier City, you will get the representation you need to protect your parental rights, and make the right decision for your children.

Understand Louisiana’s Child Custody Basics

There are a few definitions and factors that you need to know when facing a divorce in Louisiana with children involved.

Three types of custody
There are three basic types of custody: sole, joint, and shared.

  • Sole Custody: This refers to only one parent having custody, with the other parent having visitation. This is granted where the non-custodial parent is proven to have abused the child.
  • Join Custody: This refers to both parties having custody, with one parent being designated the domiciliary parent. Both parties are to confer on major decisions affecting the minor child. In the event of a dispute, the wishes of the domiciliary parent prevail.
  • Shared Custody: This refers to both parties having equal time with the children and both make major decisions concerning the children. If a dispute arises,the court will decide.

Fitness of Parents
Ideally, the courts prefer a divorcing couple to determine child custody arrangements amicably. When that does not happen, the court then must decide for the parents. Factors that are considered include:

  • The relationship between the children and their parents
  • Which parent has taken care of the children historically
  • The ability of each parent to provide for and give guidance to the child
  • The ability of each parent to encourage a relationship between the children and the other parent
  • The moral, mental, and physical health of the parents
  • If the child is of age, their wishes may be considered

Keep in mind that your custodial arrangements are not permanent. Circumstances can change dictating that a new agreement may be necessary. A family law attorney helps you make the best arrangements for your circumstances.

Hire an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Bossier City, Louisiana

Learn more about your parental rights with David L. White. The legal professionals at our law practice will provide you with reliable, discreet guidance for your custodial needs.

Contact your divorce lawyer in Bossier City to find out more about handling custody as you finalize your divorce in Louisiana. Call us today at 318-747-7023.

Injured While on Vacation? What You Need to Do Next

– Advice from a Leading Personal Injury Attorney in Bossier City


Whether you are hiking the mountains or surfing some waves, nothing says summer like getting away from it all and relaxing. Most of the time, you can enjoy a vacation without incident. However, there are those occasions when an accident happens, and it may occur while you are visiting a favorite vacation destination.

An injury can happen at any time. Some are serious enough to cut a vacation short and the injured person, or their family, has to head home quickly. Other times, immediate emergency care is required. It is critical that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after sustaining injuries. Insurance companies want to settle your claim for as little as possible and tend to look for differences in what you state and what your injury appears to be. It is important, therefore, to get a medical examination and start treatment without delay.

If you or a loved one sustain injuries while on vacation, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you get the maximum compensation. David L. White and his expert staff have years of experience in personal injury law. We help you navigate your way through the complex paperwork and claims process to get the compensation you deserve.

Steps You Should Take After Being Involved in an Accident While on Vacation

Immediately after you are involved in an accident while on vacation, take these initial steps:

  1. Call 9-1-1 (or have someone else call)
    It is important to have the police and paramedics on the accident scene to take reports and attend to injuries.
  2. When talking with paramedics about your symptoms, be specific.
    Now is not the time to shrug off or minimize what may hurt. Share as accurately as possible all of your pain and symptoms.
  3. Get to the hospital or immediate care facility as soon as possible.
    Even if you do not feel any initial pain, it is important to get looked over by a doctor as quickly as you can.
  4. Follow the doctor’s orders.
    Make sure you follow all recommended treatments including following up with your primary care doctor or a specialist as soon as you get home.
  5. Return home quickly.
    You should get back to your home as soon as possible and start your treatment.
  6. Complete all instructions for treatment.
    Do as the doctor orders and complete all of your treatment through to the end.
  7. Avoid gaps in treatment.
    Insurance companies are diligent about looking for any gaps and delays in treatment. Attend all your medical appointments and physical therapy sessions.

Hire a Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer in Bossier City, Louisiana

While an injury while on vacation can turn your leisure getaway into a time of stress and inconvenience, time is of the essence in making sure you’re injuries are compensated properly. Call David L. White today for the legal representation you need before your medical care costs spiral out of control. The lawyers at our practice will go above and beyond to give you the help you deserve.

Contact your personal injury attorney in Bossier City to find out more about your options in Louisiana after you have sustained injuries on a vacation out of town. Call us today at 318-747-7023 to book a free consultation.