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Interdiction Attorney

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Worried that Mom can no longer make sound financial decisions because of dementia or Alzheimer’s? Has Dad refused to put a valid Power of Attorney in place and has now become incapacitated because of a grave ailment? Watching a loved one suffer from physical or mental illness takes its toll on all family members, but also seeing them make poor decisions can make things much worse.

When it is time to take action, seek the assistance of David L. White, an established interdiction attorney. He understands the emotional toll families experience while watching their aged parents, children, or friends struggle with mental and physical illness. He works with you to guide you through the legal process to ensure all aspects are handled correctly for all parties involved.

What Is Interdiction?

Interdiction is the process of relieving a person of their rights to handle his or her personal affairs. More specifically, it forbids or restrains a person who has been deemed mentally incapacitate from managing their estate. This can include signing deeds or contracts.

To have a person interdicted, a court must determine they are incapable of consistently making decisions concerning their person or property. Interdictions fall into two basic categories:

  • Voluntary – This occurs when a person agrees through a binding obligation to refrain from taking actions that will affect their estate without the consent of specific people.
  • Judicial – In this case, the course decides the defendant is unable to manage their affairs and appoints a curator to act on their behalf.

The court will appoint a curator who will be charged with making decisions on behalf of the interdicted person. They are required to file an annual report with the court that provides information on the financial, physical, and mental condition of their charge.

Why Seek Interdiction?

Interdiction is a complex and serious legal matter that can make the defendant feel humiliated at their situation. Many families struggle with deciding if they should have their loved one interdicted. Here are a few reasons this legal process may be necessary:

  • A family member is no longer capable of making rational, sound decisions for their own affairs.
  • There is no appropriate power of attorney in existence.
  • Property and/or money are not put in a trust.
  • No living will was created by the affected person.
  • Serious family divisions are threatening the well-being of the affected loved one.

Protect Your Loved One with the Help of a Trusted Interdiction Attorney

Keep your family member from making poor decisions due to mental or physical incapacity. Consult with David L. White and get the help you need to navigate the complexities of interdiction. He has the years of experience to guide you and your family through this often trying time of life.

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