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Areas of Practice

Estate Planning
David has vast experience with drafting simple and complex wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. With the change in forced heirship laws, it is more important to provide a cost saving way of insuring that your business affairs are handled by the person you trust in the event something happens to you.

Criminal Defense
Criminal cases, both felony and misdemeanors require experienced counsel to assist in this difficult process. David will analyze the case and prepare the case as if it is going to trial. He will recommend a plea bargain if he believes it will benefit the client in staying out of jail. David has extensive dealings with local prosecutors, which is helpful in obtaining a satisfactory plea agreement. If a satisfactory plea cannot be worked out, and the case needs to go to trial, David has extensive jury trial experience. David also assists clients in having your criminal record cleared by filing expungements.

Family Law
Matters involving child support, visitation, custody. Community property, and spousal support can be emotionally exhausting. Joint custody is presumed in Louisiana, which gives fathers more legal rights than they have had in the past. David and his staff understand how difficult the process can be, and they are there to provide advise during this process. David also prepares prenuptial agreements for clients who are contemplating marriage. These agreements are sometimes very important in protecting earned assets prior to marriage.

Personal Injury
Once you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, dealing with medical bills, vehicle damage, and insurance adjustors is seldom pleasant. David handles all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. If no recovery is made you owe no attorney fees. He and his staff can assist in dealing with property damage, medical bills and obtaining a favorable settlement, often without filing suit.

Commercial Litigation
David has extensive experience in corporate law, buying and selling of businesses, forming corporations and LLCs. David represents two local credit unions in the Shreveport-Bossier area. David and his staff are well organized and prepared to handle past due accounts involving these types of cases.

Watching a beloved family member reach a point where they can’t make sound decisions for themselves or their spouse can be painful and waiting too long to take the necessary steps can be costly. Work with an experienced interdiction attorney like David L. White when action is needed. David and his staff will handle the situation with sensitivity and professionalism.

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